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Zhejiang rockets lightning protection is a collection of R&D. production and sales as one of professional technology company. the company specializing in the production of the HJH series surge protection device Surge protector series HJH in line With the GB188021-2011 technical standards. product have all across ttie province. city. District Meteorological Bureau for the record network via the Beijing lightning protection device test center tests. and inThe company has advanced testing equipment To ensure product safety a rid stability 8/20 waveform 160KA compatible 10/350 analog lightning laboratory 50KA Conventional detection equipment Pressure sensitiveResistance tester, gap. discharge tube detector Thermal stability test Online monitoring system ofthunder and lightningThe company now has a number of highly qualjfied professjonal designers and a serles of advanced mold processing. production equipment, advanced stamping parts production equipment. first-class injection molding machine production workshop. and specialThe industry is committed to the desion and development ofsurge protection To the best. the shortest development cycle. carefully to provide customers with a full rarige of sales. sales and after-sales service systemintegrity. brand. management. innovation has been ther company's business philosophy. in orderto meet the needs of customers on the growing demand for products. the company continues to develop new technologies. new materials. new technology. New products. long-term and close cooperation with customers.

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